All Wines RedHeads Pale Ale (640 ml Bottle) NV
RedHeads Pale Ale (640 ml Bottle)

RedHeads Pale Ale (640 ml Bottle) NV

A stunning summer pale ale - refreshing until all the way to the last sip

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Description While next years grape vines are drinking in the sun, what do the “Barrel Monkeys” at RedHeads Wines prefer to drink in the warmer months? Beer of course! Not content with the mass-produced beers on the market, the “Barrel Monkeys” at RedHeads have come up with their very own style of beer – THE REDHEADS AUSSIE PALE ALE. The perfect beer for summer with a hint of hops on the nose and a refreshing dash of citrus zest and fruity goodness on the palate.

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Country: Australia
Region: Undefined Australian Region
Alcohol: 4.7%
Bottle Size: 640ml
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