All Wines Cabernet Based Blend RedHeads Moonlighters Cabernet Merlot Sangiovese 2018
RedHeads Moonlighters Cabernet Merlot Sangiovese

RedHeads Moonlighters Cabernet Merlot Sangiovese 2018

'Cult' red from Australia's most exclusive wine studio

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Description When a gang of hotshot McLaren Vale winemakers dreamt of ‘moonlighting’ away from their day jobs at big wineries to make a few barrels of the biggest, blackest wines, the RedHeads 'Moonlighters' was the thrilling result. Truly a favourite amongst our customers, this smooth, dark blend of powerful, noble cassis-rich Cabernet and luscious, velvety plum-packed Merlot now has a dash of deliciously silky, spicy Sangiovese as well. It's a lip-staining, mouthcoating, red lover’s treat. Enjoy it with grilled meats or a melt-in-your-mouth lamb roast, studded with rosemary and garlic.

Wine File
Colour: Red
Wine Style: Red - Full bodied
Country: Australia
Region: South Australia
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 14.0%
Bottle Size: 750ml
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