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Perla Rosado

Perla Rosado 2020

Vibrant summer fruits and subtle elegant spice in this dry rosado from an award-winning winemaker

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Description Campo de Borja used to be known for making high volume wine of little quality. During this period in the 1950s, Señor Andrés Ruberte planted Garnacha vines on his small estate, strongly believing in the potential of these grapes. This pioneering spirit paid off. Today Campo de Borja is considered one of Spain’s most highly prized regions. The winery that started with Andrés continues to thrive. Now part of the forward thinking and award winning company, Artiga Fustel, this tantalising pink is made by the skilled hand of Scottish born Pamela Geddes. With numerous medals to her name the 2019 vintage won Gold and the 2020 is tasting just as delicious. Great for sipping solo, it's a dream with salads, chicken or, to be authentic, paella.

Wine File
Colour: Rose
Grape: Garnacha
Wine Style: Rosé - Dry
Country: Spain
Region: Campo de Borja DO
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol: 13.5%
Bottle Size: 750ml
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