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Il Papavero Rosé Prosecco Brut

Il Papavero Rosé Prosecco Brut 2020

Rosé Prosecco has arrived and in our bestselling Il Papavero range! It's light, fresh and fruity

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Description It has finally been granted the official title; rosé Prosecco has arrived! Pink fizz isn’t new, but until 2020 the northern Italian region where Prosecco originates, did not allow this fine bubbly to be made pink. The rules are Glera must remain the principal grape, but a brush of Pinot Noir can be introduced to lend a soft pink hue. The expert winemaker, Scipione Giuliani, is the man behind our bestselling Il Papavero range. Sticking to the rules he has created a vibrant fizz with summer berry notes, thanks to the tickle of Pinot Noir. Just like any Prosecco, the bubbles are fine, making a light and refreshing glassful. There’s an abundance of citrus and fresh strawberries notes, which will transport you to a smart sunlit piazza.

Wine File
Colour: Rose
Grape: Prosecco
Wine Style: Rosé - Dry
Country: Italy
Region: Prosecco DOC
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol: 11.5%
Bottle Size: 750ml
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