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El Bombero

El Bombero 2020

Ripe fruit, roaring power and sheer Spanish intensity

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Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition

Description For lovers of big, smooth reds, El Bombero is a top choice. It comes from Cariñena, a hot, arid region of Spain where sun loving grapes like Garnacha (same as Châteauneuf’s Grenache) achieve amazing ripeness. Particularly in the hot dry 2019 vintage. Ancient vines and a lack of rain mean fewer grapes, which in turn means far more flavour intensity. Exhibit A: El Bombero. There are no fancy châteaux around Cariñena, but, as Decanter magazine notes, that doesn’t stop the region being home to some of the best value reds in the world. From award winning winemaker Javier Domeque, El Bombero is packed with spicy black fruit. Delicious on its own and a tasty choice for full flavoured pasta, herby roast sausages and mash, and, of course, barbecues.

Wine File
Colour: Red
Grape: Garnacha
Wine Style: Red - Full bodied
Country: Spain
Region: Carinena DO
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol: 15.0%
Bottle Size: 750ml
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