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Collezione di Paolo Chianti

Collezione di Paolo Chianti 2019

Silky, bright-fruit Chianti from a Tuscan maestro, Paolo Masi, at his small Rufina estate

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Description For many wine and food lovers Italy means Tuscany, and the wine that put it on the map was Chianti. Paolo Masi is a gifted winemaker who has been delighting fans with his handcrafted Tuscan reds for over 25 years. His Chianti is a notch above most others, thanks to his meticulous attention to detail, and spot on for value, too. The Masi property is situated in Rufina – an area recognised for quality as long ago as 1717. It lies high on a hill overlooking the Argomenna valley and Sieve river and comprises 25 hectares of vines, 15 of olive groves, and tracts of woodland inhabited by wild boar. Paolo insists on only the finest Sangiovese grapes to craft his silky Chianti – a wine to enjoy with pasta dishes, roasted vegetable wraps or chicken.

Wine File
Colour: Red
Wine Style: Red - Medium Bodied
Country: Italy
Region: Chianti DOCG
Vintage: 2019
Alcohol: 13.0%
Bottle Size: 750ml
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