All Wines Red Blend Andresen Late Bottled Vintage Port 2014
Andresen Late Bottled Vintage Port

Andresen Late Bottled Vintage Port 2014

A stunning winter warmer

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Description Vintage ports often take 20 years of cellaring to reach their peak, but luckily there’s a smart alternative. LBVs are very similar in style, but are matured in cask for longer, so their luxuriously rich, warming, chocolatey flavours can be enjoyed right away. Founded in 1845, Andresen is one of the last remaining family owned port houses, and its LBV is renowned for levels of concentration and richness that can rival even the most expensive vintage ports. Unfiltered to retain every element of flavour and colour from the wine, this spectacular LBV needs the same treatment as a top vintage port – so be sure to decant an hour before drinking to allow its aromas to open out. Then sit back and indulge in the ultimate after dinner tipple!

Wine File
Colour: Other
Wine Style: Red - Full bodied
Country: Portugal
Region: Port
Vintage: 2014
Alcohol: 20.0%
Bottle Size: 750ml
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